Bangkok’s Abandoned Building | Ghost Tower, Bangkok


Being affected by the Asian economic crisis in 1997, the Sathorn Unique Tower, which is now called ‘Ghost Tower’, was left undone. It was supposed to be one of the most luxury condos in Bangkok. Now it is completely empty, except for concrete platforms, pillars and debris on the floor. Only wind and people’s footsteps break the silence. Some people believe the existence of the ghosts. Eventually, homeless people and street dogs started to live in. Now this haunted tower is famous among the locals and tourists. It became one of the top tourist attractions in Bangkok, because of the view from the top.


This 49 stories building, standing beside the Chaophrayah River, offers a great overview of Bangkok’s skyline. There are not many tall buildings around so you can enjoy 360 degrees of panorama. Everyday, many tourists come here and spend time on the top, drinking beer and admiring the view. Some photographers climb up to catch the moments of sunrises and sunsets.


In order to get inside the building, you have to bribe local people who have the key, so you can go inside and they won’t call the police. It is normally around 100-200B. After you reached to the beginning of the stars, you just climb up, all the way up to the 49th floor. The staircase is dark and narrow, so you have to be careful not to fall. As the stairs are filled with debris, you will need to use a flashlight.


After climbing all the way up to the top, there’s an open space. You can walk around and enjoy the view from every angle. However, that’s not the end. There is a ‘very top’ of this building, where you have to climb the dangerous ladder hanging on the edge of concrete. You can see far away down the ground on your side. You might possibly fall. As fighting with those unwelcome thoughts, I eventually made to the very top.


There are just a concrete platform and a wall on one side, filled with spray arts. Chaophrayah River is in front of your eyes, and sunset up the sky. People, cars, and boats… everything is small and moving slowly in distance. You don’t even hear the noise of this busy city that you’re in; it just feels so good.


This abandoned building is a great place to experience something unusual, if you get bored with the city life in Bangkok. It offers the great view, and it makes you forget about your struggles and worries of the day. It’s a place you can refresh, and start a new day tomorrow.

Place: Sathorn Unique Tower (Google Maps)


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5 thoughts on “Bangkok’s Abandoned Building | Ghost Tower, Bangkok

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  2. So THAT’s what it is. I was in Bangkok recently and passed this building many times. I thought it would be a cool place to shoot photos. Thanks for sharing the mystery. I check it out on my next trip — even if I can’t do the trek up 49 floors + a rickety ladder.

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