One Afternoon at the Art Museum | MOCA, Bangkok

Driving to north for about an hour from the center of Bangkok, MOCA, the Museum of Contemporary Arts, is right beside the busy road full of constructions. You will see the big white building in modern style standing among others. Inside the building, you can see it was built very recently, looking modern and calm. You don’t hear the sound of busy road right outside. Having excitements and wonder what it’s gonna be like to see the contemporary arts painted by Thai people, we started the tour.



The building was 6 stories high. We started from the 1st floor, looking each work closely, and went to the next floor. Every one of the pieces was different and interesting. Some of them are strongly influenced by Thai culture featuring Buddha and other religious images, and others describe the people’s normal lives in Thailand. Sometimes sarcasms were included in the picture: we enjoyed perceiving what the painters were trying to express in each work. By the time we reached to the top floor, 3 hours had passed. We had no idea we had spent such a long time: we completely lost track of time.


Being satisfied with the entire museum tour, we left the place. It was a nice little afternoon having a glimpse of a cultural aspect of Thailand. Now I get the reason why many of my friends who also went to MOCA were saying that it’s a nice place to visit. The museum still has the capacity to store more paintings, so I’m looking forward to appreciating more of the artistic work!


Place: MOCA Bangkok (Google Maps)


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